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Food Park is an organic and healthy products online store connecting sellers to consumers to provide high quality healthy products at an affordable rate. We are on a mission to move the nation and the world towards healthier food and products consumption by changing the norm and making available products that are of great value at the most affordable rates. We enlist products that have undergone high standards of hygiene and safety measures.

Yes, by informing our customer service desk ahead of delivery and sending the personal details of the recipient.

You can cancel your order within an hour of placement by contacting our customer service desk.

We accept card payment only

Our passion and commitment to move the nation towards healthier food consumption informed the decision for amazing organic and natural brand with highly competitive prices.

Organic chicken is frozen chicken from broilers fed organically, without using vaccines, antibiotics and chemical growth hormones but with organic solutions which have gone through series of researches and tests to treat and feed the birds.

Yes, Organic claims are genuine because production is made without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and artificial chemicals or additives.

Organic chicken is one grown from start to finish without the use of growth hormones, vaccines and antibiotics which accumulates in the bodies of this poultry birds.

Organic spices and herbs are grown without the use of genetically engineered ingredients (GMOs), and do not contain synthetic caking agents and chemical additives which are responsible for high cases of sudden deaths and strange diseases.

OFSP is the acronym for Orange Fleshed Sweet Potato. It is a new variety of Potato rich in Beta- Carotene, which is a rich source of vitamin A.

To be eligible for returns, replacement or refund, all purchased items must be in its original package, free of markings and damages, with appropriate proof of payment within 24hours of receipt. Buyer bears the cost of items returned.

Our shipments are done nationwide and it takes within 24-48 hours for dispatchment depending on the time of order placement, location and nature of products.


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